We at All Nations For Christ believe wholeheartedly in the Community and supporting the community as much as possible. As a Lighthouse in the community we believe that it is important to go beyond the four walls and be interactive and loving towards our neighbours. We organise events and activities which are community orientated.

Please keep an eye on this page to keep up to date with events we will be establishing within the community.


The Prophets Pot Soup Kitchen was formed in August 2006 from a desire to meet some of the needs and conditions of the homeless and those in sheltered housing that are in our city and is run by Delores Grant. The atmosphere is always warm, friendly and inviting. We are always seeing lives impacted, changed and restored through this service as we reach out to the homeless through this venture.

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We have over many volunteers who are trained and are committed to this vision of reaching the less fortunate in the community.

The soup kitchen is currently run on the second Saturday of each month 6pm-8pm at ANFC.

In the future the hope is to have a purpose built building where Prophets Pot can operate from, which will enable us to run more frequently.

ANFC is an Umbrella for the Open Doors Forum Initiative. Through this Open Doors aim to improve the chances of success for Black African Caribbean children, men and women by encouraging social unity through greater exposure to community activities,opportunities, the achievement of better levels of education and career. To improve the quality of life of our black community and enhance educational opportunities for all African Caribbean’s.

The mission statement is further based on plans that addresses the following areas deemed critical to ensuring the future of our youth and the community at large:

  1. Youth Mentoring
  2. Education
  3. Business Development
  4. Health and wellness
  5. Drug Awareness and Gun Crime